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We're in This World on Borrowed Time

Let's Make the Most of Life! Be Cute!

Hello, Konnichiwa, Hola, Mabuhay! Welcome to my alternate world! It's a bit boring but I try to write some things that interests me which are mostly about manga, anime and cosplay. Yes, I'm an oldie otaku. I also love to make origami, & doodling artwork here & there.

My world have expanded thanks to the world wide web.

I wish there is more time to sleep cause I love to sleep. But darn! I have to get up each morning to earn a living!

I try to update as often as I can. Just be warned, I am a big time procrastinator!

One of my favorite manga that I wish would be made into an anime or a live action series is Silver Diamond. Might just be cause bishies are my weakness....


Ayano Yamane colorbar by torrentfreak

Yey! I won something!!!
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