2013 Destination: Tokyo, Japan Part 3

I was reminiscing today what I was doing in Japan on this day last June and it made me miss my summer vacation more (TT_TT).  It doesn't help that anytime now I'm going back to work (TT_TT).

Ooooookay, so having said that I will put all my energy into posting more photos from my Japan trip.

The last I left off, we got our cards and was ready to brave the complicated train system of Japan.
My Suica card.  The penguin is sooooo cute!

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What we learned about the places we went to on a weekend..if you can, stay away from these places on a weekend!

Getting close to the end of the picture spamming!  Next post will be pictures from our trip to the happiest place in town...Tokyo Disney!

Till then...Ja ne
Goth HK

2013 Destination: Tokyo, Japan Part 2

The last I left off, we were on our bikes going around some places close to our hotel.

At Ueno Park we stopped for lunch at an outdoorsy food court & I had my first taste of yummy Japanese food (I think it's soba)

The only thing with the set up is we had to use a machine to order our food. Each vendor stall have their menu listed with a picture & it's name.  It would truly be a lot easier if they just put a number or a picture of the food on the machine but noooooo....the selections only list the name of the food all writtten in Japanese (T_T)!!!!!  Glad one of the server from the booth close to the machine noticed we are desperate to order food and helped us.  He didn't speak english but with my limited nihinggo-ga plus pointing ability we were able to survive ordering from the machine!!!

One thing I love about Japan is that there's vending machines everywhere! It comes in all shapes, sizes and prints.  It's a big savior since we walked a lot!
vending_machine2vending machine
Some vending machines have all kinds of sodas & drinks like the one with the Marvel theme.  While there are others (second picture) that have something like energy drinks & flavored soda water.

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That's it for now.  Part 3 tomorrow which will mark the beginning of our travel by train to explore more of Tokyo..........AKIHABARA here we come!!!!

Tah tah for now!

2013 Destination: Tokyo, Japan Part 1

When we left Singapore it was still covered in haze from the fire in Indonesia. Our second destination was Manila, Philippines to visit my mom and some family and friends. Had an awesome time meeting with lj friends amaterasu08and t_zou for the first time....
We met for dinner then moved to another place to get ice cream and to talk some more.  It's wonderful to meet the people you only get to talk to through the internet.

Stayed in Manila for 6 days after which it was time to packed our bags again & head to our third destination Tokyo Japan.

I was a bit worried going to this country at first because I thought we'll have a hard time going around with my very limited knowledge of the language and the complicated train system. So I asked my brother (the one who lives in Singapore) to accompany me & my daughter on our trip. Well, I wanted to treat him to Tokyo Disney too.

Here's some of the highlights of the trip ...................

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Part 2 tomorrow.  We gave up on biking and began our exploration of the train station.

Till then....Ja ne!
SKN-wf sign

Anime Expo

Last day of Anime Expo 2013 and also the end of my month looooong vacation. Have a very early flight tomorrow going back home.

Freebies I got mostly from Viz who are very generous with their stuff especially from the K anime (movie) which they are all out in promotion. They sponsored the popular cosplayer Kaname who cosplayed one of the characters. Have always wanted his autograph & pic so I went in an hour long meet & greet line. He was very nice & shy. I was cosplaying Bossun from Sket Dance and when I came up to him he said "Bossun!" I was so happy! Got a K poster & his pic autographed.

After a few hours I went back to the the Viz booth again to grab a Blue Exorcist poster which they are also sponsoring the movie premier at AX.

Overall, I think Anime Expo is ok but there were just tooooo many people & it was very disorganized! The staff were also a bit rude. I also didn't get to go to any big events because it's either you need a ticket to get in or it's already full. The things I really enjoyed there were the dealers, industry, & artist room, meeting Danny Choo & Kaname and cosplayer watching. Now I can put Anime Expo together with Japan in my "been there done that list."

SKN-wf sign

Anime Expo

Got back from Tokyo, Japan today. I'll post pictures when I get back home on Monday.

I'm now in LA, California attending Anime Expo. Still jet lagged and sleep deprived. We just dropped off our luggage at the hotel this afternoon and went straight to the con to get our badges. I have not seen so many cosplayers & attendees!!! There was a very long line to get badges! I love the dealers room! All companies that I'm familiar with related to anime or manga are well represented. There's Viz, Akadot, Good Smile, Culture Japan, & J-List just to name a few.

The loots I grabbed from Akadot:

I got a free Tyrant postcard with the purchase:

It has a comics strip of our fave couple at the back :

This might be my only purchase since I spent so much in Japan.

Will post day 2 of Anime Expo tomorrow.