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Wii Fit R-O-C-K-S!

Yesterday will go down as one of my luckiest day.  I went with the family went to Walmart cause I wanted to buy the new Indiana Jones movie.  While watching my kids who are looking through the Wii games shelf I happen to look down and what do I see... one box of a Wii Fit game!  I froze for a while & after recovering I rush to put it in my shopping cart.  Didn't even find out how much it cost @_@.   I couldn't concentrate the rest of the shopping time cause I can't take my eyes off my game in case someone tries to swap my cart.  I started nagging my family to hurry up so we can leave & go home.  Today I hooked it up and started playing and yes...IT IS AMAZING!!!  Not something I would give up my gym membership for but for the days I can't go this would do perfectly fine for me. The best part is even my kids love it...oh wait...that means I have to compete with them for play time *defeat*.

Wii Fit Game = 5 bright shiny STARS

Love it!!!

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