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What I Just Finished Reading

Just finished reading this wonderful book:
Sky Link by Shiro Yamada

Front cover

Back cover

I enjoyed reading it! There are 2 stories & 2 couples. The first is Ritsu (u) & Takagi (s). They are the ones at the front cover. The othe couple is Kazu (s) & Yuki (s) who are at the back cover. It's rated 16+ so no hard core smexin but some tender bed scenes. Out of 5 stars I would give this a 4 1/2.

5 more yaoi books to read. An Even More Beautiful Lie by Kei Kanai, A Liar in Love by Kiyo Ueda, 2 volumes of Tale of the Waning Moon by Hyouta Fujiyama & Viewfinder 4.

TC Artbook order update: Still have the same "mad Ewon" icon because still no sign of the book. I should just give up & send a rant email to that darn woman & report her to lj & paypal.

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