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Anime con & Cosplay

This weekend my daughter & I are going to our town's yearly anime convention. This year we decided to cosplay. My daughter wanted to go as Yuki from Vampire Knight so I said I'll cosplay as one if the characters from the night class. Bought our costume very early this year courtesy of good deals from Garagesalejapan. Lo & behold, tried on my costume last week & heck! IT DOESN't FIT!!!! I told my daughter maybe I'll go on a diet....yeah riiiight! To add insult to injury, I went to get a haircut & my hairdresser cut my hair waaaaay too short. So unless I cosplay as Kaname or Zero my costume just won't work me think. Last night I decided I will cosplay as Haruhi from Ouran Host Club. Since I have the patch for the jacket plus it will go with my short black hair. The whole afternoon today I was running around town looking for the right blue jacket & just when I was about to give up I told my daughter "let's go by Goodwill. " Well whadyaknow...I was able to find the right jacket & even got to buy the pants & shoes all for $12 !! Goodwill is cosplay supply haven I declared!!! Here's the jacket & pants drying after a good laundry wash....

Just a few fixing & sewing & it'll be good to go for Saturday. I'm so excited since this is my first time to cosplay & also put together a costume. Yey!

On a different note...update on the Totally Captivated bruhaha...there's an uproar in the community amongst the people who haven't received the book they ordered from the ebil woman. One buyer asked her friend to email Yoo Hajin (the series' manhwa-ka) & she replied! She said she will get in touch with her ebilness & find out what happened to the books. So again it's more waiting.

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