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Anime Expo

Got back from Tokyo, Japan today. I'll post pictures when I get back home on Monday.

I'm now in LA, California attending Anime Expo. Still jet lagged and sleep deprived. We just dropped off our luggage at the hotel this afternoon and went straight to the con to get our badges. I have not seen so many cosplayers & attendees!!! There was a very long line to get badges! I love the dealers room! All companies that I'm familiar with related to anime or manga are well represented. There's Viz, Akadot, Good Smile, Culture Japan, & J-List just to name a few.

The loots I grabbed from Akadot:

I got a free Tyrant postcard with the purchase:

It has a comics strip of our fave couple at the back :

This might be my only purchase since I spent so much in Japan.

Will post day 2 of Anime Expo tomorrow.

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