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Anime Expo

Last day of Anime Expo 2013 and also the end of my month looooong vacation. Have a very early flight tomorrow going back home.

Freebies I got mostly from Viz who are very generous with their stuff especially from the K anime (movie) which they are all out in promotion. They sponsored the popular cosplayer Kaname who cosplayed one of the characters. Have always wanted his autograph & pic so I went in an hour long meet & greet line. He was very nice & shy. I was cosplaying Bossun from Sket Dance and when I came up to him he said "Bossun!" I was so happy! Got a K poster & his pic autographed.

After a few hours I went back to the the Viz booth again to grab a Blue Exorcist poster which they are also sponsoring the movie premier at AX.

Overall, I think Anime Expo is ok but there were just tooooo many people & it was very disorganized! The staff were also a bit rude. I also didn't get to go to any big events because it's either you need a ticket to get in or it's already full. The things I really enjoyed there were the dealers, industry, & artist room, meeting Danny Choo & Kaname and cosplayer watching. Now I can put Anime Expo together with Japan in my "been there done that list."

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