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2013 Destination: Tokyo, Japan Part 2

The last I left off, we were on our bikes going around some places close to our hotel.

At Ueno Park we stopped for lunch at an outdoorsy food court & I had my first taste of yummy Japanese food (I think it's soba)

The only thing with the set up is we had to use a machine to order our food. Each vendor stall have their menu listed with a picture & it's name.  It would truly be a lot easier if they just put a number or a picture of the food on the machine but noooooo....the selections only list the name of the food all writtten in Japanese (T_T)!!!!!  Glad one of the server from the booth close to the machine noticed we are desperate to order food and helped us.  He didn't speak english but with my limited nihinggo-ga plus pointing ability we were able to survive ordering from the machine!!!

One thing I love about Japan is that there's vending machines everywhere! It comes in all shapes, sizes and prints.  It's a big savior since we walked a lot!
vending_machine2vending machine
Some vending machines have all kinds of sodas & drinks like the one with the Marvel theme.  While there are others (second picture) that have something like energy drinks & flavored soda water.

Before we went back to our hotel we decided to stop by the Ueno Station since it's just next to Ueno park.

Since we didn't have wifi access at our hotel we use the free wifi at the station.

We went to get our Suica/Pasmo Card.  This is used to access the trains & subways.  It's a lot convenient to have this then you'll just need to tap your card to get a ride.  We were glad that the information counter at the station have an english speaker who helped us go about getting the cards.  The pink machine itself can be switched to english so yey for that!
**not my pictures but from internet sources


The inside of Ueno Station is really BIG and very BUSY! Lots of people walking and running all the time!  I took a picture of this very beautiful mosaic picture that is above the map of the complicated train system. Under the map are the ticket machines which is also where the (pink) machines of the suica cards are.

Inside the station there was a bookstore and when there's a bookstore there's MANGA!!!!.  Oh maaaan, I am such a nerd!  First day in Japan & I managed to spend money on books already.......
The newly released Karneval artbook and 2 Hinako Takanaga artbooks for me.  My daughter bought a couple of those funny vocaloid comics for her & her friends.

With cards at hand, we continued our way back to the hotel.  Saw these weird big figures thingy along the street being hauled by a truck....
streetWhat are these indeed.....

Next photos are other  interesting places and scenes we saw along the way as we traveled on our bikes....

I took this picture outside Ueno Station.  Two situations were happening at that moment.  One is this monk standing very very still holding a cup to put donations in.  Another (not in the picture) is by the entrance to the station.  There were two gentlemen in suits who kept bowing to each other.  They did it about 5 times. Even after the elder gentleman was walking away the other man bowed again.   Awesome!  I've only seen these moments in manga & anime so I'm amazed to see it in real life!!! (yeah, i know, I'm so dense)

A building with teacups balcony.  How cuuuute!

Inaricho Station which is the subway station closest to our hotel.  Fastest way to get to Ueno Station & Asakusa.  Ueno Station is close by but it takes about 15 minutes of walking to get there.

Inaricho Street which is where our hotel is located.

A temple close to our hotel and Ueno Station.

Nice flag promoting Tokyo as a candidate city for the 2020 Olympics.

Another wonderful things I saw in Japan are women of different ages wearing kimonos!  They look really nice.

My exciting discovery for the day was finding a Book Off close to our hotel!!!! For those unfamiliar with Book Off, it's a bookstore similar to our Half Price Bookstore.  Shelves & shelves of manga & artbooks again *faints*.  Went there twice, first time was to look around & the second time the following bishies went home with me....
Kacho Fugetsu Vol 1 & 2 (OMG, what happened to the scanlation of this???) , Mahoro Ekimae Tada Benriken Vol 1 & 2 (is anybody scanlating this?  these 2 volumes are not yaoi-sh), In These Words, a special manga by Yonezoh Nekota,  and Vol 1, 2 & 3 of Karneval (not in picture).  Why so few?  Oh my gosh!!! I would have bought the whole yaoi shelf but since I can't read Japanese my eyes will just bleed looking at the pictures. Anyhoo, some of these will be gifts to BFFs.

Before we returned to our hotel we stopped by Family Mart (a mini grocery) and bought our dinner and tomorrow's breakfast.  Their bentos were delicious although my friend said the ones at 7-11  are a lot better.  But Family Mart is the closest to our hotel.

That's it for now.  Part 3 tomorrow which will mark the beginning of our travel by train to explore more of Tokyo..........AKIHABARA here we come!!!!

Tah tah for now!
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