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2013 Destination: Tokyo, Japan Part 3

I was reminiscing today what I was doing in Japan on this day last June and it made me miss my summer vacation more (TT_TT).  It doesn't help that anytime now I'm going back to work (TT_TT).

Ooooookay, so having said that I will put all my energy into posting more photos from my Japan trip.

The last I left off, we got our cards and was ready to brave the complicated train system of Japan.
My Suica card.  The penguin is sooooo cute!

We decided to go to the Imperial Palace.  From Ueno Station we went to the Tokyo Station.  Oh maaaaaan, if Ueno Station is big Tokko eki is B-I-G and fancy!

After looking at the Tokyo  map I thought the Imperial Palace will be close by...no...it's still a bit of a long walk.  But as I walk I  suddenly noticed the vast space and the beautiful garden & park!

We didn't get to go in the Imperial Palace since we wanted to continue our  travel to see more places in Tokyo.  Before we left we snapped photos of the Palace...
The gate is so awesome and looked so old!!! It's like something from those old samurai movies I watched when I was small. It feels like one false move & ninjas will jump over the gates.  On the second picture the palace can be seen on the center right of the photo.

We decided our next destination will be the Tokyo Tower.  Our dilemna was that we walked so far away from Tokyo eki we didn't want to walk the same distance again.  This time we discovered the subway system which is just outside the )imperial Palace) park.  Where it will take us we were not sure.  We were starting to get hungry so we braved the subway & ended up at Ginza.  Had lunch at KFC & the horrors of horror...non english speakers!  Used my trusty pointee finger to give our orders.  My daughter was like "there's no catsup" to which I said "okay, ask for one"...ooops, I forgot to bring my handy dandy Jp dictionary.  After eating we took the train again & a taxi to Tokyo Tower.  Cost around Y2000 each to get in the viewing area.

TokyoTower1        TokyoTower2
It was a nice 360 degrees view of Tokyo.  There were buildings of all sizes.  Tokyo looks really crowded.......

There was a glass bottom view of the street below and a shrine!

Before we left Tokyo Tower this place was enticing us to try their food....
The crepes and ice cream were really really really good!!!  Makes me drool just thinking about it now.

We then walk a few blocks from TT to Zojoji Temple.  It's another nice and big temple.

We didn't know what we'll get into when we decided  to go next to Akihabara.  Yup, AKIHABARA on a Saturday is bad news for a tourist because the rest of the locals or half of Tokyo are also there! But yeah, we will learn that the moment we got out of the Akihabara Station.
akihabara1akihabara3                      Akihabara4
It was sooooo crowded that day but we still decided to walk around.  Me, my destination is the Animate Store to fangurl on otaku stuff.  OMG, I didn't know Animate have what feels like a never ending staircase of floors of otaku items. I only ended up buying a wig that my daughter need for her Zelda cosplay (for Anime Expo). I had  my eyes on a school bag but I thought at $30 it was too pricey.

Nextdoor to Animate is a nice store full of figures & more otaku stuff.  Argh, forgot the name of the store but it was really awesome cause their items are nicely priced.  For figure collectors, that is truly the place to shop!

Also got my first glimpse of Maid Cafe & maids or cosplayer looking teens handing out flyers on the street...

Also got the chance to go to K Books and the Goodsmile Cafe/store....
Afterwards we head back to our hotel....but not after we stopped by the Family Mart for dinner & breakfast.

The next day we headed for Odaiba in search of Gundam! The train ride on the way there was great!  The view from the bridge as the train crossed was very beautiful!
This is the Rainbow Bridge that the train crossed.  Hmmm, another Statue of Liberty!!!  First in Singapore at Haw Paw Villa and now in Japan.

Mission was a success afer we found Gundam......

Next stop was Shibuya to see Hachiko..........
shibuya_station shibuya
Hachiko wasn't hard to find because it was just outside the Shibuya station  But argh, it's next to a smoking area *cough* .  As an added bonus we had the chance to see a performance by the duo (second picture) who I believe is popular in the area.  We didn't stay long at Shibuya because just like Akihabara on a weekend  it was crowded!!!

We decided to go next to Asakusa.  Yes, we'll discover it's another crowded place after we get there. Along the way we saw the golden poop *cough* the Asahi Building....

When we got to Asakusa we are againsurrounded by  million people....
The shops were selling food & lotsa goodies. The place to be for tourist looking for souvenirs to bring back home.

Sensoji Temple can be found there too.........

Took the subway to get back back to our hotel which is at the Inaricho Station , just one station away from Asakusa.  Bought dinner at McDonalds & I discovered that what I thought was a burger with shrimp on top is actually a shrimp burger sandwich.  Oh how I wish they have that here in the US of A!

What we learned about the places we went to on a weekend..if you can, stay away from these places on a weekend!

Getting close to the end of the picture spamming!  Next post will be pictures from our trip to the happiest place in town...Tokyo Disney!

Till then...Ja ne
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