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Life is Soooo Good!

This has been a week of Ayano Yamane love and I can't ask for anything more as a yaoi fangurl...

Just when I thought of an Asami- Akihito reunion...DARN!  When all of this is over I want to see a beautiful reunion between my favorite seme & uke.  It has been a tough time for Aki *sob*.   This boi needs lot of lovin when he gets back with his seme *sigh*.  I wonder how that tatoo will come off.

Have to get used to the characters names.  Everytime I read Bald it makes me think someone's hair is falling off.    Oh well, different names but same hawtness in the smexin *faints*.  I love the cover, the color pictures & the quality of the paper.  My only complaint is that there should be a margin on the pages so that the panel doesn't get cut off.  

My daughter talked me into buying the "Cooking Mama"  Nintendo DS game.  It's a lot of fun.  Plus it's a great way to practice Japanese food cooking LOL.

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