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The Nutcracker Ballet ... ....and Cycling Shorts?

My friend gave me 2 tickets for the Nutcracker ballet cause her daughter was part of the cast.  So off I went with my daughter in tow last Sunday for the 4rt year in a row.  The first year we watched it,  it was very exciting.  The second time it's still good cause whatever we missed the first time we were able to see it again.  The third....hmmm, not much into the performance but we enjoyed looking at the orchestra (musicians) from the balcony (it was scary seating at the very top & having to look down).  But by this year I was thinking of reasons not to go but my friend suddenly showed up at our doorstep with the tickets so l felt we had to go and support her daughter.  I told my daughter I will bring our binoculars (yes we're stuck in the balcony again) so we can get a good view of the dancers costume & the orchestra.   While the show went on, at the part when the Nutcracker/Prince was dancing on the stage, a thought suddenly came to my mind.  I remembered a picture that my friend e-mailed me about some cyclist guys..............



So after hurting your brain with that image I would like to call your attention back to the Nutcracker story.... it was still a good performance.  My daughter enjoyed the colorful costumes, the music & the dances.  Me....my thoughts are in tralala land thinking about the next chapter of Ayano Yamane's Viewfinder.   

Hmmmm, The Nutcracker, cycling shorts &  Viewfinder.....what's the connection?  You be the judge.

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